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The Japanese are masters in the art of distillation and blending. Their internationally prized whiskies display an unmistakable, smooth and exquisitely refined style.

It all began in 1934 when Masataka Taketsuru—considered the father of Japanese whisky—founded Nikka Whisky. He set up his first distillery in the north, in Yoichi, a natural setting chosen for the quality of its air and water, key factors in the production of quality whisky.

During his time in Scotland, Taketsuru not only learned the secrets of distillation, but met the woman who would be his eternal source of inspiration: a Glasgow native called Rita. The couple married and moved back to Japan.  He dedicated his life to making exceptional whiskies, which revealed his masterful craftsmanship.

Nikka is an exponent of the most authentic Japanese style, a blend of modernity and tradition, simplicity and sophistication.  The perfect balance of smoothness and flavor.