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Voss water springs from the vision and creative spirit of two childhood friends from Oslo (Norway): Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem.

Norway might be a small country, but it boasts some of the world's finest natural springs. Most Norwegians consider the pleasure of enjoying this exquisitely pure water a national privilege. Ole and Christopher instinctively knew that bottling pure Norwegian artesian water would do exceedingly well with the world's most demanding customers.

Ole and Christopher took the purity of Norwegian water and bottled it in an iconic and innovative design: VOSS was born.

The success of VOSS springs from a clear vision of quality and design, and this vision has become a reality around the world.

Customers in over 50 countries are enjoying VOSS in a wide variety of sizes, drawn to its unique, yet universal appeal.  VOSS water comes in different versions for different consumption moments: still water in a glass or premium PET bottle, sparkling water in a glass bottle, and lemon, cucumber or tangerine and lemongrass flavored sparkling water.