Beluga Gold Line

Beluga Gold Line is a limited-edition vodka designed for gourmets and connoisseurs. Thanks to the complex process involved in making this vodka (even more complex than that of BELUGA NOBLE), our tasters obtain the perfect flavor in every batch. The natural ingredients (including rice and Rhodiola rosea extracts) “repose” during a rest period of 90 days. This gives the vodka the distinctively smooth and harmonious flavor that makes it a true gastronomic masterpiece. Every bottle is numbered and has a special cork sealed with hot wax to guarantee the authenticity of the vodka. The bottle comes with a special hammer and brush to remove the cork and wax.

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– Malt spirit obtained through natural fermentation without synthetic additives.
– Rest period of 90 days.
– Strict quality controls across all stages of production.
– Pure artesian water.
– Exceptional product packaging and presentation.
– 5 filtrations through a birch charcoal filter impregnated with silver.
– Special closure sealed with hot wax to ensure authenticity.
– Appearance: Crystal clear.
– Nose: Fresh and clean with delicate aromatic notes of grain, malt and mountain herbs.
– Palate: Smooth creamy mouthfeel, harmoniously structured, with an elegant touch of sweetness.
– Aftertaste: Noble and long lasting.

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