Beluga Noble

Beluga is a unique product. We say this with conviction, because we know the process and the ingredients that go into making this noble vodka. After all, first-rate ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship, including close attention to detail and tireless quality control, are the necessary elements to obtaining a premium product. This is why we are so proud to see its popularity grow: Beluga has become synonymous with the best Russian vodka in the world. We know the reasons for its success, and this only makes us work harder to consolidate and transcend the results and records we have achieved thus far.

– Malt spirit made with natural ferments and non-synthetic additives.
– The spirit receives a rest period of 30 days.
– Quality control across all stages of production.
– Artesian water from the distillery’s 300-meter well.

ABV: 40%

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Tasting note: Transparent like glass, bright. The fresh tones in the scent are elegantly complemented by the refreshing notes of flowers and wheat. Full, rich and well balanced palate, and at the same time deep and sophisticated. Sharp and enjoyable.

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