Beluga Transatlantic

Beluga Transatlantic Racing is a limited-edition Beluga vodka created in honor of the sailing team, which has won several victories in international regattas in both the Atlantic and Mediterranean. It has a different formula from the other spirits in the Beluga family.
Malted barley extract and a unique filtration system using a natural cotton filter sets Beluga Transatlantic Racing apart. An exquisite drink with a clear taste of victory.

– Malt spirit made with natural ferments and non-synthetic additives.
– Rest period of 45 days.
– Quality control across all stages of production.
– Artesian water from our 300-meter well.
– Malted barley and wild strawberry extracts give the finish a fresh malt flourish.
– Unique natural cotton filtration system.

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Tasting note:
– Appearance: Clear and transparent.
– Nose: Delicate nose with predominant citrus notes and a hint of liqueur.
– Palate: The bouquet opens with notes of grain, which eventually give way to a perfect, balanced malt flavor.

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