El Gobernador

Varieties: Muscat of Alexandria and Muscat Rose
Distillation: The pisco undergoes single discontinuous distillation in copper pot stills, which preserves the terpenic aromas of the Muscat variety.

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Technical Details
ABV: 40%
pH: 3.4
Allergy advice: Contains sulfites
Available sizes: 70 cl
Tasting note: A brilliant, colorless pisco with silver highlights made from the varieties Muscat Rose and Muscat of Alexandria. An exuberant floral aroma with notes of rose and jasmine framed by candied citrus peel. Round, luscious, even creamy on the palate with a long lingering finish.
Serving suggestion: Designed for use in cocktails, the pisco also adds a cheerful touch to desserts. Try flambéing a delicious crêpe Suzette or a simple mix of ripe fruit.
Producer’s note: 50% Muscat of Alexandria and 50% Muscat Rose
Storytelling: Who was Felipe Margutt Donaire? A patriot who rose to fame during the Battle of Maipú in 1818, which decided Chile’s independence. His achievements earned him the governorship of Ovalle, a place known for its spirits even back then. He sunk his modest personal resources into building up the town, and he is remembered on horseback, actively engaged in solving people’s problems. Like all great heroes, he never sought fame nor fortune. This pisco is a tribute to him.

Place of Origin