Jaime I

Distillation and aging: Parellada wines are distilled and subsequently aged in American oak casks. To obtain the final blend, Torres Brandy combines several soleras or parent brandies, chosen from among the oldest in the cellar.

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Technical Details
ABV: 38%
pH: 3.5
Total acidity: 0.5 g/L
Properly stored, it will hold its potential for the next: 20 years
Available sizes: 70 cl and 5 cl
Tasting note: Noble dark mahogany color. The nose offers aromas of dried fruit (toasted hazelnut) with hints of vanilla and toffee. Round and smooth on the palate. A very old brandy distinguished by the spiced sensual power of oak aging. Impressive persistence and balance.
Storytelling: The Torres family bought their first vineyards in Penedès in the 18th century. A century later, in 1870, Jaime Torres Vendrell founded Torres, a company dedicated to harvesting grapes and exporting wines. Around the same time, Antoni Gaudí built his most celebrated works. Casa Milá, better known as La Pedrera, embodies the Barcelona of the Modernisme era, a time when the city was buzzing with creative exuberance. Torres made this well-aged noble brandy, named after its founder, as a tribute to Gaudí and the innovative spirit of men who, regardless of their profession, pass on a passion for craftsmanship from generation to generation. The brandy is distilled from white wines of the Parellada variety in copper pot stills using a slow and sophisticated artisanal process. It undergoes prolonged aging in the finest oak casks, enhanced by the wood-imparted notes and sweet spices only found in the best soleras.

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