Nikka Blended

Product details: Japanese whisky-makers have mastered the art of blending, developing a smooth, sophisticated style of blended whisky. Nikka once again proves its expertise with this new blend, which represents the Japanese style at its most authentic. Whereas the celebrated Nikka From the Barrel stands out for its distinctive character, high alcohol, and subtle smoky finish, Nikka Blended whisky is purely seductive in its expression. Smooth and intensely fruity, it is Nikka’s most accessible blend.

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Tasting note:
Palate: Incredibly smooth. Predominant flavors of pear and almond cake. Light citrusy tangerine notes enter the scene, followed by malted barley notes that never get bitter. A subtle hint of green pear adds freshness. Very clean finish. Aromas range from barley to fruit, leaving a fresh clean palate sensation.

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