Nikka Single Malt Miyagikyo

Product details: The Nikka group’s youngest distillery is a genuine statement of sophistication. Nestled into the foothills of the Miyagi prefecture, in the heart of a region known for its waterfalls and thermal springs, the distillery is a peaceful enclave. After a three-year search, the site was chosen for its clean air and high humidity, ideal conditions for cask maturation in oak. The four aspects described below display a deeply feminine elegance and refinement.
Located in the Miyagi valley, a northern region of Honshu island famous for its clean air and the quality of its natural springs, the Miyagikyo distillery produces a delicate malt whisky whose fruity and floral freshness is instantly recognizable. With an emphasis on ex-sherry casks, the maturation process contributes exquisite intensity to the natural charm of this pure malt whisky. Miyagikyo Single Malt clearly expresses the refined character of the distillery where maturation in sherry casks plays a key role in bringing depth to the whisky’s characteristic fresh fruit and floral aromas.

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Tasting note:
Nose: Rich, intense aromas. Concentrated iris top notes hint at the extreme intensity of the bouquet. Then aromas of malted barley, exotic fruit (banana), licorice and camphor enter the scene. Gradually barrel char and smoky notes settle on the aromatic palette. White flowers and beeswax appear much later.
Palate: Firm, lively. Lots of malted barley on the palate, enveloped in layers of herbal notes, licorice, spices (ginger, cinnamon) and chocolate. Very elegant and dynamic as it unfolds across the palate, with fresh tobacco leaves and coconut coming together in a natural symphony of aromas.
Finish:Long and smooth. Evokes the scent of dried rose petals. Delicate tannins balance the astringency (lemon, grapefruit). Lasting notes of tobacco, spices (cardamon, ginger), roasted nuts and stewed fruit (apple, damson plum). Exotic notes (lychee) emerge on the finish.

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