Nikka Single Malt Yoichi

Product details: Yoichi pure malt whisky is made at the eponymous distillery (established in 1934) and conveys strength, smoothness and refinement. The production process is among the most traditional in the world. The small pot stills are coal heated, the malt has a light peaty touch, and bourbon, sherry and new oak casks are used for maturation.
Made using traditional methods, such as coal-heated direct distillation, Yoichi pure malt whisky reflects the true coastal character of the distillery’s home on Japan’s northernmost island. A pure malt whisky with a delicate peaty profile that skillfully strikes a subtle balance between smoky, fruit and floral aromas.

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Tasting note:
Nose: Full-bodied and smooth. At first a subtle peat aroma gently coats the aromatic palette, growing stronger as notes of smoke, soot and salt transcend the initial aromas. Then the aromas evolve towards candied citrus (lemon, orange), black licorice and spices (nutmeg, ginger) to eventually open up with root and dried twig aromas. Heady and floral (carnation, iris), the nose gets increasingly complex.
Palate: Firm, potent. A well-balanced attack delivers a plethora of aromas—peat, smoke, spices, fresh fruit (melon, kiwi) and dried fruit (almonds, walnuts)—which are all given equal footing. The midpalate opens with chocolate notes, but peat quickly regains the upper hand.
Finish: Long and silky. Extremely mature, brimming with ripe fruit (pear, plum, apple). The peat takes on a herbaceous and malted character, whereas the salty aromas make for a very deep finish with coastal freshness. The final nose offers mentholated, spicy (coriander, dill) and earthy (leather, chestnut) notes.

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