Santiago de Cuba 12 year

Produced in Santiago de Cuba, the city known as the cradle of light rum since 1862. A place of distinctive aromas and colors, where the blend of all things Cuban finds unique expression. This is what has defined this rum ever since the original master distillers discovered that rum could be a light smooth drink.
Produced and bottled at its place of origin by Corporación Cuba Ron S.A., which owns the brand and has consolidated itself as a producer of great Cuban rums. Under the Santiago de Cuba brand, the producer releases special editions to commemorate important events in the eponymous city. Special mention goes to Extra Añejo Santiago de Cuba, created in homage to the founding of the city of Santiago de Cuba.
It represents a complex synthesis of the exceptional characteristics that define Santiago de Cuba’s aging cellars. The flavor and aroma persistency emphasizes the highly evolved oak impression; dry, but smooth and pleasant on the palate, the rum echoes its select parent distillates and the long time it spent in contact with old, but active casks.

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