The finest natural ingredients ~
Driven by a dream, Sloane’s master distiller set out to find only the very best natural ingredients for his gin:
juniper berries and iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica root, cardamom pods and licorice root from India, whole vanilla beans from Madagascar, fresh citrus (sweet oranges and whole lemons) from Spain.

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Individual distillation
Each of the nine different botanicals is distilled individually—an unusual process in making gin, but which offers complete control over the freshness and flavor balance of the finished product.
Based on his extensive experience distilling fresh fruit liqueurs, Sloane’s master distiller decided to make his gin only using fresh citrus, rather than the more common dried peels. This calls for gentle maceration and distillation, which is key to obtaining Sloane’s characteristic fresh citrus notes.
The distillates are left to settle for at least a month in large, green teardrop-shaped vials so that the aromas can evolve to perfection before blending the finished gin.

Blended to perfection
The distillates are individually tasted for flavor and quality prior to blending them together, one at a time, to create a wonderfully harmonious gin with layers of flavor.
The definitive gin for lovers of this drink, rich and flavorful with juniper clearly in the forefront.
~ Not only distilled, but blended to perfection ~
At Toorank, we believe Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin is quite simply the best in the world, inspired by the ambition of a master distiller and defined by incomparable taste and quality. Many expert palates around the world seem to agree:
At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011, Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin took home the award for World’s Best Gin and World’s Best White Spirit, as well as a double gold medal.

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