Torres 5

Distillation and aging: Traditional distillation of white wines followed by aging in American oak casks using the traditional solera system.

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Technical Details
ABV: 38%
pH: 3.4
Total acidity: 0.7 g/L
Properly stored, it will hold its potential for the next: 20 years
Available sizes: 150 cl, 70 cl, 20 cl, 5 cl, 1 l and 0.5 l (PET)
Tasting note: Topaz color brandy with beautiful mahogany and old gold highlights. Deep and dense in flavor, it displays rich aromas with notes of walnut wood and dried fruit. Intense, silky and concentrated on the palate. Warm spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon on the finish.
Storytelling: In Spain in 1928, Juan Torres Casals began distilling his wines to obtain a smooth and aromatic spirit. Torres 5 ages in top-quality oak casks until acquiring the unmistakable aroma, color and flavor that distinguish it around the world.

Place of Origin