Torres Spiced

Distillation and aging: Our Master Distiller carefully selects spirits made from the best white wines, which have the right amount of acidity to give Torres Spiced its smooth and delicate character. The white wines are chosen from traditional local varieties that display the quality and organoleptic profile best suited to achieving the desired result. The spirit ages in oak casks, ensuring a harmonious blend of this refined cinnamon-infused elixir.

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Technical Details

ABV: 35%
pH: 4.5
Total acidity: 0.10 g/L
Properly stored, it will hold its potential for the next: 20 years
Available sizes: 70 cl
Tasting note: Amber color with beautiful gold highlights. An intense aroma of cinnamon envelops the nose, full of fresh, balsamic and subtly spicy notes with hints of vanilla and clove. The smooth, silky palate displays impressive balance, persistence and a delicate cinnamon flavor.
Storytelling: Distilled from traditional grape varieties, the spirit is then infused with natural cinnamon and cane sugar to obtain an aromatic liqueur with a silky body and intense aroma. Aging in old casks produces a sweet, smooth elixir.

Place of Origin